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Here you can find our initiatives and the most relevant events of La dolce Vita Kenya

Special Event


Join us as we celebrate our 15 year anniversary with an amazing 15 course dinner on 8th December for only Ksh. 3200! Check out the incredible menu below and make your reservation today!

1. Welcome Cocktail
2. Crostini Toscani – Bread with chicken liver sauce
3. Sfogliatella con mousse di prosciutto cotto con olive nere e verdi – Homemade phyllo with cooked ham, green and black olives
4. Vitel tonnè – Veal with sauce made with tuna and mayonnaise
5. Insalata Russa – Peas, potatoes, carrots and dressed in oil veg +mayonnaise
6. Delizia di verdure – Grilled  baby marrow, sweet pepper, onions marinated in a special sauce of aromatic herbes.
7. Carpaccio di polpo – Thinly sliced octopus
8.Cannoli della mamma – Special homemade pasta stuffed with pork and beef, eggs and parmisan cheese in white sauce
9. Trofie al pestoso – Special Italian pasta with pesto sauce and tomato
10. Risotto mari e monti – Rice with prawns, calamari, octopus and mushroom
11. Sorbetto – Sorbet
12. Arrosto della mamma – Beef cooked with a special sauce in the oven together with roasted potatoes
13. Saccottini di maiale in salsa di gorgonzola e mele  – Pork fillet with pancetta in gorgonzola cheese and apples sauce.
14. Scrigno di cernia – Potatoes and baby marrows crusted fish fillet of Cernia
15. Torta di compleanno – Birthday cake.


Special Event



If you have the PIZZA FEST PASSPORT that you can download from EATOUT WEB-SITE, you can eat 2 pizza and pay only one .
You can choose from our menu the one you prefer! All the pizza as you see in the menu can be ordered.
During the event, the pizza you find in the menu follows the rule order 2 pay 1, the pizza paid is the one more expensive, all the ingredients extra menu will be paid
Please choose and ENJOY YOUR PIZZA!

Look for the Event date on Google +


Special Menu


Italy is divided into regions and each of them has its own way of enjoying and enhancing the typical products of the area. The resulting dishes come from a long history of ingredients and their correct usage. Often the good recipes have ancient origins and come directly from the people, that group of people who had no money to buy expensive food and had to leave off the produce grew directly in nature. Those people were used to not throwing away anything from an animal, but knew how to cook it the right way with ingredients capable of flavouring even a simple piece of bread. The bread itself used to be produced in the homes and if it were flavored with some extra ingredient it could accompany any food. La dolce vita Kenya will offer to its customers, a week of local delicacies typical of a region.